Photoshoot with Andres Rignell and Jerker Berglin.

So I just did an amaaazing photoshoot with some great and talented friends of mine, Andres Rignell and Jerker Berglin, out in the woods! They both work with photography, film and Television and are at the top of their game: So it was truly an honor for me to work with them :)
I'mma do a piece on them for U guys later, cuz they've done so many great things that I find really interesting!
And thank God for having Svante and Nimatha by my side, helping me out with everything around all day. As I said before, we did the shoot in the forest. And I don't know why I didn't connect the dots. Summer + forest = MOSQUITOS!!!!????!!! OMG! The mosquitos butchured me, Like litterly!
There's not one part of my body that hasn't been bitten. No, I'm serious. not ONE.
My foot alone has 28 bites on the lower part, so imagine what the rest of my body looks like. Specially considering I did a "pretty much nude" shoot at the end of the session! My VAjayjay is in crazy itching pain, LOL! So yesterday I pretty much spent ALL day in an either boiling or freezing bath, trying all kinds of creams n' treatments! I couldn't wear clothes and I walked like a crab. U know like legs wide apart and a little bent and arms not touchin' the sides, hahaha!
I'm alot better today, but I'm still itchy ;) We did 5 diffrent looks, and I'm so greatful for having Nimatha to help me out throughout the process, making it easygoing with all her knowledge and experience from working within the fashion industry in N.Y. It's always great to work with friends and even better when they're such proffesionals and so great at what they do that U can combine buisness with pleasure, and I'm so greatful for the talent and work they've put into this photoshoot. I saw a little bit of some of the pics we took through the camera... They're gonna be AMAAAAAAAAZING!!!
I can't wait to show u guys... But for now, here are some behind the scenes sneakpeaks :) Enjoy!

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