Flying to Malmö tonight!

I'm flying to Malmö tonight to work together with some of Fantabolous Music's producers. These guys work with artists such as Lazee and swedish sensation Norlie & KKV. I have 3 days to make hits!



My new single Satellite is finally out! It's on my Youtube channel and you can download it for FREE on Soundcloud.

Download for FREE on Soundcloud!



As you've probably seen if you're following me on Twitter or Facebook, I've been looking for a list of things for my upcomming photoshoot with Erik By Erik.
It's important for me to get it right so that you can understand and truly see who I am... I'm done with apologizing and commercializing myself trying to fit in!!! I want 2 be my true self and create art, and so I shall :)
A while ago a man named Mario Fuchs wrote me and said he knew just the guy who could help me out with what I was looking for. He linked me to a kindhearted man, who's name is Kjell Nordin!
He's been living within the native american culture for 30 years and was happy 2 share his knowledge and experiances with me.
He had the things I was looking for, but unfortunatley, at the moment, he and his wife are in Dennmark. But he did'nt hesitate to point me in the right direction. He gave me a number and a name... And that's where the story begins and new possibillities are born...

This extrodinary man I have met with is Mr. Kent Nyström. His longtime fascination of Native Americans and their history has led him 2 create his company Indianart & Artifacts. And the success he's had is amazing! He's done everything from films, suppling museums, artists, covers, etc, etc, etc...
He's basically done it all and the demand is huge!!!
But he doesn't just sit, looking thru books and pictures trying to copy. He's a true artist at heart, bringing together knowledge, history, art and imagination in every piece that he creates. And not only is he craaazy talented, but also extremly humble and sweet. In fact his whole family are! My fiancee and I toke a little trip out to see Kent and his family and they simple welcomed us with open arms.
That kind of genuine friendliness is hard to come by these days and I find it very inspirational and refreshing :)
After laughter and long talks of life, art, history and politics Kent lead us upstairs... To say that the top floor was a top notch museum  and art factory would be an understatement.
It was amaaaazing... I felt like a kid in a candy store. But most of all, I finally felt like I was finally home. I took some pictures for you to share the experiance with me... But I must say that the pictures doesn't do his art justice. And there was so many beautiful things that I couldn't photograph everything.
But at least you'll get a sneak peak for the upcomming photoshoot :) Stay tuned for the "Fitting Photos" as well ;)

Make shure you visit Kent's homepage! It's a muuuust seeee!!!


S W A G!

"Popular" Eric Saade / Cover by: Martin Redhe Nord

Check out my friends version of "Popular"! I love you Barre, you make me like musicals. U should sooo be on "Glee"!



Check out the genius Ryan Leslie performing his new song Breath. All I gotta say is... I'm a fan of crossovers!!!


Check out my homie Lazee's TV Commercial he did with Stadium.