Working on some songs right now. And this is how I look like while doing it :)


Youssef Lehnin.

Checkout this really cool video my boy Youssef Lehnin made! I love the vibe of the video and of course the fact that it's filmed in my beloved N.Y! <3
Sleep Rock from Head Make Book on Vimeo.


Vampire Diaries.

Yaaaaaaay! Vampire Diaries is finally back! I'vr already seen the first episode... Soooooo good! Here's a sneakpeak for those that haven't seen it yet.



This shit is Dope! Thanks to Nick Bass & Maestro Crew, for melting old and new into this inspiring video.


Mash up.

I love this, it's like a newer version of a mash up of Janet and Michel Jackson!

New fresh era.

Ian Eastwood, Kubskoutz & Quick to the music of one of my favourites, Drake. And the of it all combination simply gives me goose bumps! I stopped counting, I've seen this clip like a 100 times n' I never get tired of watching it.


Wheels on fire.

This choreo feels so freakin' fresh. And I love that they did it in the wheel chair. It gives it some thought u know! Yeah... Take 2nd a think about it, and the message! And that TUTT is freakin' SIIICK!

Soreal Crew.

Great song, great choreo, great dancers...great eeeerrrrrrthaaang ;)


My talented friend Brian Friedman.

Checkout this Great MTV VMA's interview with my amazingly talented friend Brian, talking about the video, what's hot and Britney ;)!


I might adopt this little lady.

I might adopt this little lady if it goes well with my Kitty We-Sa... But she doesn't seem too happy 'bout it at the moment! My cat actually growled at the Husky!


@ POW, New York.

Found an old interview I did in New York. Back when I had short and black. I will NEVER cut my hair again, LOL :)