Short VS long Hair...

So this picture is of me back in the day when i used to rock short dyed black hair :)
Lookin' at the picture now i kinda like it, it looks pretty...But i would never rock it again...
i just dont feel like ME in short hair...plus even then when i was half the size i am now,
aka suuuper skinny, i always felt like oompa lompa with the short hair...hahaha...
i remember saying that i felt like a walking,talking big ol' fridge with a little peanut on top of it bobbing like one of those little basketball/baseball dolls with the wobbely head...
The peanut ofcourse being my head, hahaha!
The image makes me laugh :D But atleast i've tried diffrent looks, and right now i'm i feel great in my blond hair...i feel like ME :)


One of my favorite creators "Buffalogirl" posted some of her newest creations on her blog!And who would'nt want to walk around wearing a piece of art, because that's exactly what she creates... wearable art :) I certanly would'nt object ;) Make shure to visit here blog: http://www.buffalogirlbyronbay.blogspot.se/

Beautiful Art..

Beautiful and inspiaring Art...What would life be without it...Pretty much Blaaah ,i'd say ;)
Images/Artwork borrowed from Spell and lovelyboheme blogs!!!