Sisters Of The Moon

Beautiful pictures of Sisters of The Black Moon! Visit their page/http://sistersoftheblackmoon.com/

"Fallen Angel" Photoshoot with Alex N Araya

Some more picture's from the Fallen Angel photoshoot i did with the multi talented Alex N Araya :)

The Editing of "FEEL ME CRY" has finally begun!!!

So The raw video material of my new video I recorded last year has finally found it's way 2 the editing room!!! I'm so excited and I can't wait for you guys 2 see the video!!! There are so many wonderful and inspiaring people behind this production and I'm so thankful and happy that it's finally coming 2gether :)The song is a remake of a song I wrote years ago called
"Feel me cry"!
My amazing producer Eray Oktav transformed this heartfelt ballad of mine into an insanly dope Club house track :)
I love working together with my talented friend and artist kent Nyström who created all the piece's for my style! I swear...He can make anything!!!He creates so many beautiful things and just wanna wear and use them aaaall all at once :)Here,you can see for yourself,just clink on the link and it'll take you 2 his web site and online store!!!

All the scenes in the video is recorded at the best place imagineable....Mother Nature:)
Nuthin' can beat that!Looking through the film, some the scenes were breath taking beautiful, and so were all my dancers!!! I had huge number dancers gracing my video(I will introduce each n' every one 2 you later...I SWEAR:)and choreographed by "THE" Ambra Succi from "Bounce"We've known eachother for like 13 years and she's one of my good friends, wich means she know's exactly what i like.Let me put it this way..u will not be seeing traditional house dancing, we took it and ran with it in an diffrent direction and i love what she came up with!!!
Thankfully my friend Christopher Bergström came 2 my rescue during the pressures of time, helping put with the styling of all the dancers...I mean it was alot! In total we did 3 days of shooting out i n the well behaved weather of Mother Nature ;) wich also meant 4 diffrent sets of styling,hair and make up not only for me but also for all my dancers so his help was absolutly a nessesity! Riffo , Numair and Sini Siambalis was all there helping all the way whith details and everyhting around. Sini and Danielle Lundgren and Patrik Rio Monka among others also helped photograph all the behind the scenes photos. Without those i would'nt be able 2 give u guy's little sneakpeaks of what's 2 come ;)
Patrik Rio Monka ,Danilo Lgtm Alvarez and K-one all worked on filming the photage for the video and now that it's finally found it's way into the editing room,it's in the hands of my good friend Andres Rignell were it is safe and sound to give birth to it's beauty :)
But for now i'll keep posting some sneak peaks here and there ;) Enjoy...
Pic by Patrik Rio Monka
pic by Patrik Rio Monka
Pic by Patrik Rio Monka

Pic by Sini Siambalis

"Love knows NO limits"



Sliding doors....

Artist Audrey kawasaki

(pic's/artwork found on internet)

Photoshoot With Alex N Araya "Fallen Angel"


So i wanted 2 introduce one of the guys that i work with! His name is Riffo and is man with many talents. He works with a bunch of diffrent artists,amongst them, artists such as the swedish group Norlie&Kkv and Lazee! He does everything from photograhy, layouts, hompages,videos ,posters, etc etc...the list goes on! If u'd like 2 know more about him and his buisness or perhaps get in contact with him for your own buissness purposes, click on this link!!http://riffosms.tumblr.com/