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Photographed by Erik By Erik (www.erikbyerik.com) Photoshop by Cat Hair by Victoria Persson (facebook/hairstylist victoria persson ) necklace n feathers made by Kent Nyström (www.indianart.se) (

Necklace By Designer Kent Nyström

I am in love with this beautiful glass bead and sea shell necklace my designer Kent Nyström made for me!!! He is simply amazing!!! I dont think there's anything he can't make!! No...I'm serious...He's a well rounded artist and he can pretty much take on any task in any form of art:) Please visit his websight www.indianart.se wich is also a webb shop ;)
I dare you ;)
These images were taken in Byron bay Australia of my extremly Beautiful and talented friend Desiree Rosborg who is also an incredible artist. She got brains,beauty and talent..but above all ,she's got a beautiful and brave spirit :)U can listen to her music at www.cdbaby.com/cd/desireerosborg
Also visit her and support her via her websight:http://www.desireerosborg.com/ Blessed Be sister... U are exactly were u should be and i am smiling with you on the other side of the world benith the stars ,serenading our Mother moon <3


The picture just says it all...there's really nothing i need 2 add to it...
(pic borrowed from the internet)


Short VS long Hair...

So this picture is of me back in the day when i used to rock short dyed black hair :)
Lookin' at the picture now i kinda like it, it looks pretty...But i would never rock it again...
i just dont feel like ME in short hair...plus even then when i was half the size i am now,
aka suuuper skinny, i always felt like oompa lompa with the short hair...hahaha...
i remember saying that i felt like a walking,talking big ol' fridge with a little peanut on top of it bobbing like one of those little basketball/baseball dolls with the wobbely head...
The peanut ofcourse being my head, hahaha!
The image makes me laugh :D But atleast i've tried diffrent looks, and right now i'm i feel great in my blond hair...i feel like ME :)


One of my favorite creators "Buffalogirl" posted some of her newest creations on her blog!And who would'nt want to walk around wearing a piece of art, because that's exactly what she creates... wearable art :) I certanly would'nt object ;) Make shure to visit here blog: http://www.buffalogirlbyronbay.blogspot.se/

Beautiful Art..

Beautiful and inspiaring Art...What would life be without it...Pretty much Blaaah ,i'd say ;)
Images/Artwork borrowed from Spell and lovelyboheme blogs!!!


You Are Never Alone...

The world can be a very cold and unbearable place at times...n'even though in this modern world of ours were we are forced to closeness by the size of our population,crowded and almost stacked upon eachother rather than a true closeness, there's that emptyness...Even stepping into a room full of people ..a room of familiar faces...we feel alone. But we need to remind ourselves that we are not...we may feel lonely at times...but we are never Alone...

Inspiration Diaries "The Healing Powers of Lavender"

(pics from the internet)