Photoshoot outfit.

Throwback: Ragdollz @ CSD09

Dancers: Cherie Cherokee, Jennifer Wallin, Carmel Köster, Mario Perez Amigo, Joao Assuncao, Cecilia Offerlind
Choreography: Ragdollz
Music: Busta Rhymes -"Saw" Soundtrack, Ciara - "Like a boy", Nerd - "Rockstar"


Ragdollz & Friends @ No Limit '10.

Choreography by: Cherie Cherokee & Mario P Amigo


I love, love, looove this! The dance company LXD (League of extrordinary Dancers). It's just amaaaazing! I just want more. Amazingly talented dancers... Magic!


The magic battle on screen.

Well, The Harry Potter books and movies may have ended, but the epic battle against dark magic rages on... New series this fall, check it out!


The Work Space of Terry Cronin of Buffalo Girl.

The Work Space of Terry Cronin of Buffalo Girl. from Spell on Vimeo.


Check out this super coll Sfi-Fi independent movie made by my homie Robin Tumpum Peters. He's so talented! See if you recognize the voice in the beginning... And if you don't. Well that's ME :)