As a child it was hard for me 2 express myself.
2 put in words how I really felt.
I would never cry. I had 2 be taught how to cry. I would throw a tantrum only 2 pass out, but never cry...
I was extraordinary in arts. That's how I expressed myself.
I would sit down for hours loosing myself in my drawings and paintings, creating a world that only I could see, singing the words only I could hear...
Through my life I've seeked comfort and found it. Refuge when life's been hard.
My world has always prevailed, never failed!!!
It enriched my life and I could never imagine living through a moment without them.
Singing... Dancing... Writing... Drawing and Creating... It's not a job... It's not what I do..it's who I am!
I Started this blog 2 invite you in to my world, 2 share with you!
Allthough I'm good with writing poetry and lyrics. Blogging in the sense I've seen many others do, isn't my strong side.
I will take you on my journey with pics, videos etc I find inspiring and of course some of my own. And of course I'll write something here n' there. But there won't b a bunch of essays ;)
So I hope you take this journey with me through my LIFE.

Cherie Cherokee.

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